The Power of Union-Led Training

There is no denying the power of union-led training. P4A’s success, as measured by the number of members trained as of September 30 this year: P4A has trained 3,484 UWUA members at six P4A employers By the end of the year that number is expected to hit 5,000, roughly 10% of the UWUA membership, and […]

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Remembering those who sacrificed all

This Memorial Day, we have a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made by those that serve our country.   UWUA National Director of Veterans Affairs & Workforce Development Rick Passarelli shares a Memorial day message encouraging all of us to honor those who gave their lives in the service of our country. It’s also a […]

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P4A and Utility Workers Launch First-of-Its-Kind Renewable Specialist Apprenticeship Program

Program Offers Path to Employment for In-Demand Renewable Industry Jobs Potterville, MI (August 5, 2019) – The UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund (P4A) and the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA), AFL-CIO announce a unique, new union apprenticeship program that provides world-class skills training and a path to employment for in-demand jobs in […]

Electric NEWS|08.22.19
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Building Our Infrastructure Discussion Lead by UWUA National President Michael Langford

Even months after Super Storm Sandy, power hadn’t been restored to all residents on the East Coast. That was one of the many events that brought a serious problem to light: Our infrastructure systems — the energy, water and communications networks we rely on and use every day — have not changed, in many ways, […]

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Power for America Celebrates Veterans

Power for America Celebrates Veterans at Potterville Facility   On April 20, 2016, over 30 attendees from the UWUA and Consumers Energy joined the P4A staff in honoring 37 veterans and active duty National Guardsmen who are students in the P4A’s Veteran Gas Bootcamp.  The Veterans Gas Bootcamp is an extension of the agreement between […]

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UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund Recruiting Veterans for Summer 2016

Veterans Being Recruited for Gas Sector Utility Training Programs That Start June 2016 & August 2016   The UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund Utility Military Assistance Program (UMAP) is openly recruiting Honorable discharged post 911 veterans. The program is designed to provide the requisite skills and knowledge an individual will need to become […]

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First They Came After Our Paycheck, Then Our House, and Now It’s Our Democracy

Labor unions are one of the purest expressions of democracy and freedom in this country. The recent passage of “Right to Work (for less)” in Michigan not only undermines our right to organize and bargain, but equally important it assails the fundamental principles of democracy. At the workplace workers express “majority rule” through secret ballot […]

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