The Utility Workers Union of America AFL-CIO (UWUA) is one of the most successful and progressive unions in all of the labor movement. The Power for America Training Trust Fund is an impressive example of the benefits available to our members.


P4A was created in 2009 by the UWUA, Utility Lines CS, Entergy and National Grid to provide training support to incumbent workers as well as administering apprenticeship programs. Since then, P4A has grown to 12 employers with trainings currently conducted in 11 states.


  • A multi-faceted approach of external education and internal training for incumbent workers.
  • Specialized instruction utilized to enhance skill levels.
  • Safety training promotion with the goal of protecting our members/employees and the public from hazards.
  • Safety programs designed to maintain system integrity.
  • New technology awareness of tools and equipment, along with the utilization of these to increase productivity.


“I am a recent graduate of Cohort 17 and I'm on my 2nd week of my internship.  So far, it has been GREAT!  I've been learning a lot and doing my best.  I never had a chance to speak with you personally during my time at Dawson, but I wanted to thank you and all the staff for giving us this opportunity.  I never realized how fortunate I am to have this chance.  I know you guys all fight hard for us so we can progress and have a secure future with the company.  I will not take this 1 chance for granted.  You guys have helped change my families future and for that I cannot thank you enough.  in the future, when the opportunity arises to give back and pay it forward, I will be sure to do so.  Once again, thank you for your tenacity and devotion to all of us Vets out there that are looking to find our path.”

Jesse Gonzalez Cohort 17


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Nov. 15, 2022 The third and final part of the series features an interview with Executive Director Jonathan Harmon of the UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund in Michigan. Amy Fischbach Throughout the nation, Americans recently celebrated military heroes on Veterans Day. A week later, we are proud to launch our third and final […]

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P4A announces plans to expand training

P4A is proud to announce the creation of the UWUA Power for America Training Utility School.  The school will provide pre-employment training for individuals interested in a career in the utility industry. Over 14 years, P4A has provided high quality training to union members of some of the nation’s leading utility companies.   Thousands of […]

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Training in Action 2021 Conference

We are excited to announce that this year’s Power for America (P4A) conference will be held virtually November 8-10, 2021 and invite you to join us! Members should register by visiting www.p4atraininginaction2021.com using UWUA2021 for the invitation code. P4A provides specialized training, apprenticeship programs, continuous learning opportunities and scholarship awareness to re-energize careers in existing […]

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Project Seeks New Ways for Service Members to Earn Credentials

Project Seeks New Ways for Service Members to Earn Credentials 4 organizations receive grants to build career pathways for military members and veterans Indianapolis – (August 20, 2020)— A coalition of national education and veteran advocacy organizations has announced pilot sites in a new initiative that will help service members and veterans apply their military-based […]

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Dirty PPE? Not any more

Gone are the days when you had the dirtiest hard hat on the crew.  Now, have clean PPE to start the day is as important as having the right tools for the job.  Learn more on how to keep your PPE clean by watching this video on COVID and PPE

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