The Power of Union-Led Training

There is no denying the power of union-led training. P4A’s success, as measured by the number of members trained as of September 30 this year: P4A has trained 3,484 UWUA members at six P4A employers By the end of the year that number is expected to hit 5,000, roughly 10% of the UWUA membership, and […]

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P4A and Utility Workers Launch First-of-Its-Kind Renewable Specialist Apprenticeship Program

Program Offers Path to Employment for In-Demand Renewable Industry Jobs Potterville, MI (August 5, 2019) – The UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund (P4A) and the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA), AFL-CIO announce a unique, new union apprenticeship program that provides world-class skills training and a path to employment for in-demand jobs in […]

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Utility Command Centers Locked Down Like Fort Knox

Florida Power & Light Co.’s 10,000-square-foot Riviera Beach Command Center is essentially Florida’s Fort Knox. It’s made of layers of concrete block that can withstand Category 5 winds of 157 mph and higher. That’s why 112 of FPL’s employees were stationed there to ride out Hurricane Irma, monitor power outages of its five million customers, and […]

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‘Air-breathing’ battery could cut costs of renewable energy storage

Wind and solar power are increasingly popular sources for renewable energy. But intermittency issues keep them from connecting widely to the U.S. grid: They require energy-storage systems that, at the cheapest, run about $100 per kilowatt hour and function only in certain locations. The battery’s total chemical cost—the combined price of the cathode, anode, and […]

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BYD Unveils Its B-BOX Energy Storage System in the UK

BYD has now officially launched its “B-BOX” in the UK – an energy storage system for household and commercial applications featuring the same battery technology used in buses running throughout central London. The first UK installation of the system is at the Waxman Energy showroom (BYD’s distribution partner), based in Elland, West Yorkshire, Waxman’s Sales […]

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Electric Industry Takes Leap Forward After FAA Drone Victory

Winning many of the regulations it wanted from the FAA, the Edison Electric Institute is helping its members move ahead with a plan to use drones to check power lines. EEI still has its eye on a potential regulatory change that could make drones even more useful to power companies. The electric industry is one […]

Electric NEWS|09.15.16
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The Remarkable LED Lighting Revolution

The accelerated deployment of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs is on track to save U.S. consumers and businesses $20 billion a year in electricity costs within a decade, which would lower U.S. CO2 emissions by some 100 million metric tons a year! The growing global effort to speed up LED adoption could ultimately cut global energy […]

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