Training in Action 2021 Conference

We are excited to announce that this year’s Power for America (P4A) conference will be held virtually November 8-10, 2021 and invite you to join us! Members should register by visiting www.p4atraininginaction2021.com using UWUA2021 for the invitation code. P4A provides specialized training, apprenticeship programs, continuous learning opportunities and scholarship awareness to re-energize careers in existing […]

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The Power of Union-Led Training

There is no denying the power of union-led training. P4A’s success, as measured by the number of members trained as of September 30 this year: P4A has trained 3,484 UWUA members at six P4A employers By the end of the year that number is expected to hit 5,000, roughly 10% of the UWUA membership, and […]

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The good news in water in 2015

This is not a top 10 list of big ideas and trends in the world of water for 2015. Many of these are a repeat of my recap of 2014 and thoughts on what to expect. There is so much activity, both noise and progress, that no single list will correctly capture the “best.” Instead this is […]

Water NEWS|02.05.16
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Water Loss Performance Standards: Where Should the States be Headed?

Every water system leaks, and billions of gallons of drinking water are lost each day in the US alone. Fortunately, water losses are receiving welcome new attention, by individual utilities, the water industry generally, and state regulators, as shown on NRDC’s water loss landing page. The question of what form a state water loss standard might […]

Water NEWS|01.25.16
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American Water Launches Innovative Partnership With Corona Environmental Consulting To Provide Real-Time Monitoring Of Water Systems

American Water, the nation’s largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, announced recently that it has formed a partnership with Corona Environmental Consulting to develop a cloud-based geographic information system software platform known as WaterSuite. This partnership is a result of American Water’s Innovation Development Process, which drives innovation and supports the development of […]

Water NEWS|01.19.16
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How tap water became toxic in Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan, lies about 70 miles from the shores of the largest group of fresh water bodies in the world: the Great Lakes. Yet its residents can’t get clean water from their taps. Nearly two years ago, the state decided to save money by switching Flint’s water supply from Lake Huron (which they were paying […]

Water NEWS|01.19.16
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How water could fix utility energy storage woes

In the past decade, wind energy production has soared in Spain, rising from 6 percent of the country’s electricity generation in 2004 to about 20 percent today. While that is certainly good news for boosters of clean energy, the surge in renewables has come with the challenge of ensuring that electric power is available when customers […]

Water NEWS|01.15.16
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American Water buys 3 Pa. sewer systems; deal to run Camden’s leaky water

Patience has paid off for American Water, the Voorhees company that’s been trying since it went public in 2008 to convince more Pennsylvania and New Jersey towns to hand over their water and sewer systems to its for-profit operating group. The company “closes out 2015 with a flurry of wastewater deals,” veteran utilities analyst Ryan […]

Water NEWS|01.04.16
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