Training in Action 2021 Conference

We are excited to announce that this year’s Power for America (P4A) conference will be held virtually November 8-10, 2021 and invite you to join us! Members should register by visiting www.p4atraininginaction2021.com using UWUA2021 for the invitation code. P4A provides specialized training, apprenticeship programs, continuous learning opportunities and scholarship awareness to re-energize careers in existing […]

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The Power of Union-Led Training

There is no denying the power of union-led training. P4A’s success, as measured by the number of members trained as of September 30 this year: P4A has trained 3,484 UWUA members at six P4A employers By the end of the year that number is expected to hit 5,000, roughly 10% of the UWUA membership, and […]

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New York State Allocates $2.5 Billion for Water Quality

New York state’s new $163 billion budget passed last week, including an allocation of $2.5 billion for the Clean Water Infrastructure Act, which aims to improve water distribution systems’ safety and quality. Other items targeted for funding include infrastructure projects to improve municipal drinking water distribution, filtration systems and wastewater treatment infrastructure. Read More: http://www.liherald.com/stories/state-allocates-25-billion-for-water-quality,90273

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American Water Utility Seeking Applicants for 2017 Grants

Grants support activities such as watershed cleanups, reforestation efforts, biodiversity projects, hazardous waste collection efforts, groundwater protection education and other programs.   To qualify, proposed projects must address a local source water or watershed protection need; be completed between May 1 and Nov. 30, 2017; be a new or innovative program for the community, or […]

Water NEWS|02.10.17
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At Smart Cities Week, Tackling Opportunities and Challenges

Incorporating smart water technologies allows water providers to minimize non-revenue water by finding leaks quickly. Cities can gather data by using modern sensor technology solutions, supported by software for management and data analyses. Sensors enable accurate measurement and monitoring of the water supply system and help identify water loss locations. Read More: http://origin-nyi.thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/technology/298491-at-smart-cities-week-tackling-opportunities-and-challenges

Water NEWS|10.18.16
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Congress Should Incentivize Clean Water

The Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 gave indications that Congress was not happy with the way the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) was dealing with our 21st Century water quality problems. First, they added eight new eligibilities to the three that had been there for 27 years. Second, they asked EPA […]

Water NEWS|06.07.16
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City of Chicago Aims to Become Global Hub of Water Innovation With Launch of Current

With City Digital, DMDII, and the Beta City Initiative, Chicago is aiming to cement itself as the world’s civic lab, a destination where solutions to the globe’s biggest problems can be tested, developed, and scaled. Today, the city announced yet another effort designed to strengthen this reputation – Current. Current is a new multi-party campaign, with partners from across […]

Water NEWS|04.14.16
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Senator Pushes For Water Tech Funding

A Democratic senator has introduced legislation aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of water technology. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-WI, introduced theWater Technology Acceleration Act this month with the aim of amending the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act “to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative water technologies.” The legislation […]

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