Training in Action 2021 Conference

We are excited to announce that this year’s Power for America (P4A) conference will be held virtually November 8-10, 2021 and invite you to join us! Members should register by visiting www.p4atraininginaction2021.com using UWUA2021 for the invitation code. P4A provides specialized training, apprenticeship programs, continuous learning opportunities and scholarship awareness to re-energize careers in existing […]

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UWUA Local 105 EIRP Class and Pipe Construction

This picture is of a new group of ERIP LG8s.  These individuals are some of the first trained under the LG4, P4A training.  In the picture the group is training on pipe construction.  The pipe construction class, pictured here, helps them to complete the LG8 class. Visit http://uwualocal105.com for more information about UWUA Local 105.  

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First They Came After Our Paycheck, Then Our House, and Now It’s Our Democracy

Labor unions are one of the purest expressions of democracy and freedom in this country. The recent passage of “Right to Work (for less)” in Michigan not only undermines our right to organize and bargain, but equally important it assails the fundamental principles of democracy. At the workplace workers express “majority rule” through secret ballot […]

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Making Strides in Training

UMAP and Power 4 America Expanding Programs for Vets and Incumbent Workers When it comes to training utility workers, President Obama has put federal dollars where his mouth is. When he says, “The top priority for Washington must be helping Americans find jobs and building a sense of economic security for middle-class families,” he means it. […]

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UWUA, The State of Illinois, Office of Governor Pat Quinn Announces New Training Program for Veterans at City Colleges of Chicago

(CHICAGO, IL) – The State of Illinois, Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA AFL-CIO), Peoples Gas and City Colleges of Chicago jointly launch a new “training to placement” workforce development project targeted towards veterans. The Gas Sector Utility Workers Training Program will develop highly skilled, on-the-job trained workers for entry to the Illinois natural gas […]

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4 day LTC Training Classes

Paid for by the Power 4 America Training Trust, ULC Operators/EMJs attended 4 day LTC Training classes at Iowa City and Perry Warehouses. This training covered 4 different LTC Units which are common to the ITC Midwest System. The attendees received both classroom and hands‐on instruction; where they completely dissembled and reassembled the units. This […]

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