The Power of Union-Led Training

There is no denying the power of union-led training. P4A’s success, as measured by the number of members trained as of September 30 this year: P4A has trained 3,484 UWUA members at six P4A employers By the end of the year that number is expected to hit 5,000, roughly 10% of the UWUA membership, and […]

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Remembering those who sacrificed all

This Memorial Day, we have a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made by those that serve our country.   UWUA National Director of Veterans Affairs & Workforce Development Rick Passarelli shares a Memorial day message encouraging all of us to honor those who gave their lives in the service of our country. It’s also a […]

P4A IN THE NEWS|05.19.20
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Another voice for skilled trades as an option for high school students

Our elected officials continue to recognize that skilled trades are a good option for our graduating high school seniors.  See what Rep. Witwer wrote at the beginning of the year.

P4A IN THE NEWS|01.16.20
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Winds of Opportunity for Union Training at P4A

Staff of P4A and the Michigan State Utility Workers Council Priscilla visited the Consumers Energy Lake Winds Energy Park in Ludington, MI to gain expertise as P4A continues to develop wind training programs. Lake Winds Energy Park is a facility with 56 wind turbines in West Michigan.  Priscilla Peloubet from P4A and Tom Cole from […]

P4A IN THE NEWS|07.02.18
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Cohort 17 testimonial on the opportunity for a career in natural gas

I am a recent graduate of Cohort 17 and I’m on my 2nd week of my internship.  So far, it has been GREAT!  I’ve been learning a lot and doing my best.  I never had a chance to speak with you personally during my time at Dawson, but I wanted to thank you and all […]

P4A IN THE NEWS|03.26.18
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P4A hosts national symposium on veteran training

Utility Workers Military Assistance Program (UMAP) in partnership with Medal of Honor recipient Allen J. Lynch Veterans Assistance Program hosted the first national symposium at the Union League Club of Chicago.  Since 2011, UMAP has placed 500 military veterans with real jobs at Peoples Gas in Chicago and Consumers Energy in Michigan. UMAP-Chicago is a […]

P4A IN THE NEWS|01.28.18
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